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Life’s Work: 12 Proven Ways to Fast-Track Your Career

By the time you retire, you’ll have spent a third of your life at work.

That’s far too long to spend in a job you hate. Luckily, James Reed’s new book, Life’s Work: 12 Proven Ways to Fast Track Your Career, contains 60 career nuggets that will help to make you a little bit luckier at work and in life.

Creating a career you love

The good news is, the future lies in your hands.

All you need is the right actions and attitude, and you’ll be able to power ahead with a career you actually enjoy.

This will help you challenge your thinking, approach the world differently, and ultimately get ahead at work.

Because it’s never too late to create a career you love.

12 ways to fast-track your career

Here’s a glimpse into 12 of the key ways to build and sustain the career you want, courtesy of James Reed’s brand new book:

1.) Look in the mirror

Ask ‘who am I?’, ‘who do I want to be?’ and ‘how am I going to become that person?’

2.) Go to parties

Embrace the magic of invitations and conversations.

3.) Play Poohsticks 

Find the fast-flowing water and locate your career in that.

4.) Be selfish 

Do what you enjoy and you’ll perform well at it.

5.) Kick start some good habits (and kick out some bad ones)

The things you do every day are the ones that make the difference.

6.) Pick your targets 

Make sure you are where you are because of the choices you’ve made.

7.) Think in days and decades 

Focus on the immediate present and dare to imagine the unforeseeable future.

8.) Be powerful, be prepared 

Planning and preparation are essential for a great career.

9.) Showcase your work ethic 

Work hard, learn from your mistakes – and show it.

10.) Ask for help 

This is something too many people find difficult.

11.) Find a boss you can learn from

The more you learn and the faster you learn it, the further you’ll travel.

12.) Change your job and change your life 

If you don’t enjoy your job, keep looking until you find one you do.

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